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We are what we absorb
we digest, use and metabolize

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What we do



Personalized nutrition according to genetic identity

Advanced bioimpedance.
Measurement of subcutaneous fat folds.
Anthropometric measures.
Evaluation carried out by a nutritionist.


Nutritional diagnosis

Objective: promote lifestyle change

Nutritional condition.
Proposal for a nutritional program so that  we can achieve the proposed goals, optimize your nutritional status and your life quality.
Innovative nutritional technology in Guatemala


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Nutritional Treatment

Nutrition according to DNA

Personalized diet and nutritional recommendations  according to your DNA.
We give you the tools to feed yourself according to your genetic identity.
Nutritional treatment prepared by nutritionists.

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Nutritional Monitoring

You will learn the biological systems that you need to optimize.
You will know the foods you need to promote to optimize your health and nutritional status. You will discover nutritional coaching and conscious eating techniques and tools to turn your diet into a lifestyle.
Follow-up carried out by a nutritionist.

Nutrigenetic and Health Tests


Epigenetic test

You will be able to know your current nutritional status through a hair sample.

Epigenetic studies analyze 800 epigenetic markers, among others: Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, etc.
With a process of quantum physics and epigenetics, they show us a Plan of...

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Sensitivity test to 190 foods

A different test. SensiTest is a complementary test to our genetic tests. Food sensitivity test where we can find out our response to 190 typical foods in our diet.


Advanced nutrition test

With this nutrigenetic test you will know the influence of diet on your body weight, nutrient requirements according to your genetic profile, food preferences according to your genetic profile, metabolic properties (metabolism of alcohol, lactose, gluten and caffeine), sports and leisure (muscular structure , strength training, risk of injury...


Did you know that your intestine can regulate your health and weight?

Optimize your nutritional status

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Nutritional Programs