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About us

We are the first clinic in Central America specialized in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition 

At N&N we offer evaluation, diagnosis and personalized nutritional treatment services according to your genetic identity.  Discover how your genetic information influences your nutrition, food preferences, among others. 


At N&N we provide you with the tools through nutritional coaching, we will teach you to eat in a conscious way, creating a good relationship with food through a personalized diet in order to promote a change in behavior and food preferences in order to create together a new healthy lifestyle.


We are nutritionists in Guatemala who provide high quality preventive health services. We provide in a personalized way the necessary tools to promote a new life in order to contribute to a better quality of life and well-being for each patient in the long term.

Our team

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Gabriela Cuyun

clinical nutritionist

Master in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition focus on research

University of the Balearic Islands, Spain

Bachelor of Nutrition, Rafael Landívar University, Cum Laude

Nutritionist Guatemala

Areas of expertise:


Gut Microbiota

Nutritional Coach, Spain, BCN

Nutrigenomics, Spain

Diabetes Educator, IDF

Hypo- and hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules




11 years of experience in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition

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andrea garcia

clinical nutritionist

Bachelor of Nutrition

University of the Valley of Guatemala

Active collegiate 6387

Adult care, chronic diseases, metabolic, oncology

Care for children, adolescents, pregnancy and lactation


Certification in Food Psychology

Live Healthy Brazil Institute

Postgraduate in Clinical Nutrition and Public Health

University of Barcelona IL3-UB


Ingrid Porras


Receptionist Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition

Areas of expertise:

Customer service

Provide program information

patient follow-up


appointment scheduling

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