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Thanks for your appointment!

but wait we are missing something...

To confirm your appointment we need you to complete these steps indicated below: *

Step 1: Advance Payment

We will charge you for an individual appointment worth 350Q. If you choose a program we will deduct this amount from the program. (programs have better prices per appointment)

Visit the following link to make your advance payment:

Laptop y teléfono

Step 2: Fill out new patient form

To avoid unnecessary waits, we ask that you complete this form to have all your information ready and not waste time during the consultation asking for this information.

We know that your time is important and we will not ask you for this information again in the future.

sesión de terapia

Step 3: Confirm your appointment!

Let us know by WhatsApp by pressing "I'm done!"

Thanks for your time.


* If you do not complete all the steps 24 hours before the appointment on the day and time indicated in calendly, NyN will not be able to guarantee the patient's appointment, understanding that they will not want to continue with the appointment process.

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