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100% personalized food plan

A 90-day diet based on your bioinformation to achieve your goals

With only 5 strands of your hair, we perform an Epigenetic Test and we will give you a food plan based on your bioinformation.


Epigenetic Test + Diet based on your bioinformation

Our nutrition team will use your bioinformation to design a diet that takes into account the needs of your body and your weight, health and wellness goals.

195 USD

Free shipping and collection

You will receive everything you need to take your Epigenetic Test sample, shipping and collection are free*

*see locations

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A diet based on your bioinformation

Our NyN Nutrition professionals will analyze your bioinformation to give you a 90-day diet according to your goals.

A list of foods to avoid, to consume, a shopping list as well as recipes so you can easily carry out...


What will you receive with this plan?

Epigenetic Test with which you will obtain your qualitative results and 100% personalized Diet for the next 90 days.


Based on the expression of your genes

Recommendations from the N&N nutrition team


meal plan


shopping lists

Foods to promote

Food Sensitivities


Additives to avoid


Electromagnetic loads and environmental factors

Nutrition Team Recommendations N&to reinforce

Immune system





Based on your bioinformation and the survey that we will carry out, our certified team of nutritionists will create a Diet for you for the next 90 days.


You will receive a food plan based on your bioinformation and recommendations from our nutrition team.

With the results of your Epignetic Test, you will know what foods and additives you should avoid during the next 90 days, as well as what are the levels of electromagnetic charges and environmental challenges of your body.

We will tell you what your nutritional needs are at the cellular level and what foods can help you meet them, as well as what indicators you should reinforce to improve the state of your immune, intestinal and cardiovascular systems.

195 UDS


Know the foods that cause a negative effect on your body

We clearly specify which foods and additives you should avoid in the coming months and we don't include them in your diet. These foods cause digestive stress to your body, so it is important for your health to avoid them.

Food sensitivities are different than allergies or intolerances. You don't need to permanently eliminate these foods from your diet, just for a period of 90 days to balance your gut flora and optimize your body's systems.


Understand the needs of your body

We analyze more than 96 epigenetic biomarkers that intervene in your current cell cycle and adapt your diet to your nutritional needs at the cellular level.


Find out which foods you should avoid and which ones to promote

With the results of the Epigenetic Test, you will know which foods you should eat and which ones to avoid for the next 90 days. We will use this information to design your diet and balance your body.

Indicators analyzed


Recover your energy and vitality knowing the vitamins that your body needs!


Amino acids

Discover the essential amino acids that will help you prevent injuries and achieve your goals.



We analyze the essential minerals for you. Act against stress and keep your body healthy!


Microbiome Indicators

Learn about 4 factors of the microbiome that you can optimize to improve your Immune System.



We show you the ideal antioxidants to prevent and delay your cellular aging.



Discover how technology interferes with your cellular expression.


Fatty acids

Fatty Acids are the body main sources of energy. Find out which ones you need!


environmental challenges

Protect your body from the negative effects that environmental challenges can cause.



90% of our clients would trust N&N again at the end of their food plan

Based on the satisfaction surveys that all our clients receive at the end of their plan.

We know that customization is the key to success, which is why NyN nutritional plans are 100% personalized and accurate. 

Our Nutrition professionals will analyze your bioinformation to offer you a 90-day diet with which you will obtain a weekly menu based on your bioinformation.

Start a unique journey through your health

You will be able to quickly and easily discover how your body processes the nutrients you need at the cellular level. 🧬

D. Esteban Peiró. Master in Clinical and Sports Nutrition.

Shipping Costs  INCLUDED


Science and Biotechnology conceived to achieve results

In our platform, we have integrated biotechnology approved by the FDA and the European Union that makes use of Epigenetics, the science that studies the expression of genes.

We analyze your epigenetic profile to detect the specific cellular nutrient needs of your body using hair as a biomarker.

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Nutritional Coaching Program

🧬With the Epigenetic Test Program + Nutritional Coaching you will obtain:
✨Epigenetic test 
✨1 Sample extraction appointment
✨1 Results delivery appointment
✨ 10 appointments to accompany you in your 90-day plan towards your well-being.
✨Surprise gift
Total 12 appointments (each 1 hour long)


Investment: 620 USD

Efficient Program

👉With the Efficient Nutrition Program you will obtain:
✨Epigenetic test 
✨1 Sample extraction appointment
✨1 Results delivery appointment
✨3 appointments to accompany you on your 90-day plan towards your well-being.
✨Surprise gift
Total 5 appointments (each 1 hour long)


Investment: 350 USD


Receive FREE the best NyN Tips to optimize your Health and Well-being

Receive FREE in your email los NyN tips to improve your health and well-being. Thanks to the advice of our team of nutritionists


If you have any questions, we are here to help you

We are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 7:00pm CDT and Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm. CDT Send us a WhatsApp, call us or fill out a form.


We are working online in Florida, Alabama, Misisipi, Luisiana 

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