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Try our alkaline lunch services


It includes:

  • 20 lunch plates
  • alkaline diet
  • Home delivery (ask about our coverage areas)


Extra protein = Q. 10 per plate (additional)



  1. Make your payment: amount, Q. 999


- PayPal (choose the option you want to purchase in the cart)

- Bank deposit:


Industrial Bank

Monetary account No. 323-004040-8

Name: Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition


International Bank (Interbank)

Savings Account No. 71-0097313-9

Name: NyN Food


BAC - Quetzales

Savings account No 96-593392-2

Name: Healthy Food NyN


2. Fill in the form at the following link:


And ready!

How easy it is to take care of yourself and eat healthy!


Any questions you can call us at  22696968 or  59404913 (by whatsapp)

N&N Food 1 month - Lunches

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