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What is Mindful Eating?

The concept of Mindful eating encompasses putting all our senses into the food intake process.

Senses refers to:

View, observe the elements of your diet.

Smell, stop and notice the smell of your food.

Taste, you can feel the saliva doing its job, chew up to 10-15 times, quiet (cell phone off, music off, tv off).

Feel (feel) how food makes you feel, your relationship with food.

Plan de dieta
The nutritional coach guides, helps, accompanies and empowers the person to identify their goals

Differences between:

mindful eating

The professional provides information without making the decision and helps the patient achieve their goals 

Egalitarian relationship, the patient is the expert in his life collaborates, chooses and makes decisions 

The results are trust, awareness, responsibility and learning

Traditional Nutrition

The patient does not make decisions, does not reflect and adopts a passive posture in his treatment

Unequal relationship, the professional is the expert who advises y decide what and how

The results are lack of autonomy on the part of the patient and less learning

World Health Organization

"Informing and giving advice by the professional is no longer enough to achieve long-term behavioral changes"

Mindful Eating Program

What includes?

mindful eating

Each week you will be given tools and techniques based on "minful eating" with the aim of enhancing the achievement of the goals established in the mindful eating program. You will leave this program empowered with new eating behaviors and a new perception of food. Everything is in your mind and we will learn to use your thoughts in your favor to modify eating behavior.


Open Menu

In the mindful eating program you will receive your eating plan through a menu pattern in which you will know what to eat, how much to eat, how to combine it, meal times, you will be training in how to exchange foods. You will receive a virtual recipe book. 


Nutritional Coaching

For 6 weeks together with your nutritionist we will build a mindful eating plan. Each week a topic will be worked on and you will be given tools and techniques to achieve the modification of eating behavior, eating behavior, food perception, change of habits, among others



You will be sent a link through google meet with the date and time (previously coordinated) to connect with your nutritionist and start the program.
*Weekly Appointment


Food Analysis

An analysis of your current diet will be carried out taking into account your eating behavior, eating behavior, lifestyle, medical history, food intake, cravings, meal times, among others. Based on all this information, a nutritional calculation of macro and micronutrients is made as the basis for starting the mindful eating plan.


tracking app

You will have access to the monitoring APP in which we will carry out daily monitoring of your intake, physical activity, mood, motivation, you will receive tips and we will see the evolution of your body composition.

If you want to be part of the Mindful Eating program, empower yourself, become able to modify your eating behavior and achieve your nutritional goals.

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